Care details

Care details for our textiles

To have long time enjoyment with our products,
you should consider some care details,
especially for our color-sensitiv textiles und color combinations:

After the first wearing wash the piece separately. Needless color from intens color tones will detach then.
Do not use a cleaning agent with optical brightener and avoid overdoseage of the cleaning agent everytime.
Please also do not let the piece lie sweaty in a corner for longer time.

Washing in the washer ( not recommended if the piece has dark and bright colors or you have a foil-coated quality )
As program you should use |delicates short wash |. Do not let the wet piece lie in the washer. Take it out and hang it dry directly after the washing.

Foil-coated qualities are more delicate with sweat, chemical substances, friction and cleaning agent;
therefore we could give no warranty for the durability and eventually polymorphic optical differences that may occur in foil-coated qualities.

Please wash Foil-coated or metallic-coated pieces as designs with multi-colors out with clear water, after every wear.
In addition to this, please turn the piece to the "left" side and wash it with hand and with maximal 30ºC out.
Please defend your materials from grease and suncream!

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Bikebody with seat polster
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shipping costs:

  • 15,00 € inkl. MwSt. DHL parcel in Europe
  • Small parts can be shipped via letter on demand. Please note: the letter has no insurance and we assume no liability for damage/loss.
  • If the customer specified a wrong/incomplete address (e.g. wrong city code, wrong house number, etc.), the additional costs for the delivery will be charged at the expense of the customer.

delivery period:

  • The shipment will take place inbetween 4 weeks after issuing the payment order at the transferring bank (payment in advance) and accordingly after making a contract (purchase on account).
  • The estimated delivery period depends on several parameters, like delivery address, mode of shipment, etc. To calculate the estimated delivery period we add the duration of the bank transfer and the regular shipping time by our carrier. Please take account of the addition of weekends and holidays.
  • The shipment of your order is carried out by or .
  • You can see the estimated delivery period on the last page of your order.


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